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Modeling Solar PV in Snugg Pro

Modeling Solar PV in Snugg Pro is a snap! You can now specify a solar PV system as part of an existing home or as a recommended improvement in Snugg Pro. Just enter information about the system size (in kW), the slope of the array, the orientation, and the year the panels were manufactured (for de-rating purposes on existing systems). Snugg Pro will calculate the appropriate annual kWh production of the system as well as the amount of money the system saves or will save the homeowner.

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Easily export your data from Snugg Pro

It's easy to get your data out of Snugg Pro for use in other software or to be be displayed in other ways. Snugg Pro offers three ways to do this:

  1. A simple CSV export
  2. HPXML (Home Performance XML) export
  3. PDF output

Each of the above formats have their strengths and limitations.

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Share messages and documents within your Snugg Pro jobs

Snugg Pro lets you collaborate like never before. You can now chat and exchange files with your colleagues, and trade allies.
You can use the activity feed to leave notes, chat with colleagues, store and share files like rebate applications, contracts, certificate of completions, HPXML files and more. The actiity feed opens up a world of collaboration possibilities.

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Snugg Pro 5: What’s new in this major release

We’re pleased to announce version of 5 of Snugg Pro! It’s been a long time coming and we’re super excited to release this major enhancement to our platform. This new release is effective immediately and will take place as soon as you load Snugg Pro or refresh the browser if you’re already in it. Please take the time to read through this email with explanations of how all of the new features work. If you only read one thing, please read the first section on our new data entry system for HVAC systems.

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Snugg Pro launches in New York

New York home performance contractors can now use Snugg Pro to process HPwES rebates and incentives in the state of New York!
Until recently, if you offered incentives from NYSERDA's HPwES program, you didn't get to choose your auditing software. As of last month, NYSERDA has opened up their program to Snugg Pro.

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