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Category Feature Description (optional) New or updated in v5?
Project Management      
  Jobs list keeps all your projects in once place    
  Sort, search, and filter by any criteria    
  Direct integration of Google Maps for easy driving directions    
  Administrators can schedule jobs directly into the tool and assign auditors to the site visit    
  Job level permissions give access only to users who you authorize.    
  Job stages Keep your jobs organized by stages and get better visibility of your pipeline from leads to QA.
Data Entry      
  Live type collaboration You and your colleagues can work on the same job at the same time and collaborate similar to Google Docs  
  Built in validations Live validations warn you if the data you entered is invalid.  
  Built in tooltips Mouse over or touch each field label for an in depth description of what's being requested for that field.  
  Offline support (partial) You can fill out data for existing jobs while you're offline.  You need to be online to create and model jobs.
  Enhanced Modeling Validation Now Snugg Pro will flag inputs that need   
Modeling Inputs      
  Property Details    
  Utility Provider    
  Utility bills - simple, detailed or none    
  Thermostat Setpoints    
  Heating Systems (up to 3) Added support for Wood/Pellet Stoves and Ductless Heat Pumps  
  Cooling Systems (up to 3) Added additional support for Ductless Heat Pumps  
  Duct Work Added detailed duct specifications to base and improved inputs  
  Appliances Added Energy Star questions and separate recommendations for Dishwashers and Clothes Washers  
  Lighting Added detailed counts for base and improved types  
  Doors Added editable surface area for each door in base and improved  
  Walls Expanded wall insulation options and added support for 2nd wall type  
  Attics & Knee Walls Added second attic area and support for radiant barriers and knee walls in base and improved section.  
  Vaulted Ceilings Added support for up to two vaulted ceilings  
  Foundation Added ability to designate level of basement conditioning, and updated method for calculating default basement improvement costs  
  Windows Added second window system and support for exterior solar screens and shades  
  Air Leakage Added wind zone and shielding for N-Factor and NACH calculation.  
  Hot Water Added support for second water heating system  
  Solar PV Model existing and/or new solar pv
  Pools & Hot Tubs Added support for modeling pool pumps and baseload calculations for hot tubs  
  Health & Safety Summary    
  Manufacturer Information for All Equipment    
  Combustion Appliance Zones CAZ Inputs for BPI Compliance (HPXML output only)
Modeling Extrapolation (automated)      
  Localized weather data, job costing, & default housing characteristics    
  Weather normalization for utility bills    
  Energy savings calculations for 21 different improvements    
  Custom recommendations for any type of improvement    
  Additional Notes section for noteworthy imrpovements not in official scope of work    
  Editable recommendation titles    
  Create company-wide financing products    
  Apply program-defined financing products    
  Create your own personal financing products    
  Apply financing using built-in calculator    
  View cash-flow analyisis for up to three loan products on homeowner report    
Job and User management      
  Export job in HPXML HPXML 2 Compliant  
  Assign user permissions Admins can view and manage all jobs within a company while users can only view and work on their own jobs.  
  Single user login for multiple companies If you work for several companies, you can easily toggle between companies with a single session.  
  Job templates    
  Company-wide templates Job templates can now be shared within companies  
Reporting Features      
  In-app Home Energy Score integration Obtain the DOE's Home Energy Score directly in the Snugg Pro report. Learn more.
  Sortable Report Pages and Page Elements Now you can drag and drop report pages and elements to present information optimally
  Add a custom introduction note and cover photo    
  Display homeowner concerns    
  Modify Snugg Pro-generated recommendations    
  Create your own custom recommendations    
  Financing products You can now create and edit customized financing products for each job as well as utilize company wide or program specific financing templates.  
  Show or hide pages selectively Example: You can turn off the financing page if it doesn't apply to your customer.  
  Show or hide report elements selectively For instance, you could choose to turn off contractor notes when presenting the report to the homeowner.  
  Accept/decline/mention recommendations    
  Override base and improved values for each recommendation    
  Add stock and custom photo sets    
  Upload photos from your browser or directly from Google Drive    
  Take photos with your mobile device's camera    
  Crop and resize photos    
  "Live" edit the report inline    
  Add logo and contact information    
  Present report on screen    
  Print report    
  Save as PDF    
Reporting Content   All pages can be turned on or off at will.  
  Cover page Contains cover photo, contact info and table of content  
  Homeowner concerns Show your customers that you are aware of their concerns  
  Financing options A presentation of the financing options you recommend  
  List of recommendations An outline of all the recommendations you make in the report  
  Detailed page for each recommendation Elements of this page can include homeowner notes, contractor notes, why it matters (educational content), base and improved values, photo sets  
  Health and safety pages Includes results for all BPI recommended tests  
  Program rebates/offers pages For partner programs only  
  Additional notes For items that you only want to mention but which shouldn't factor into the job cost  
  Tech specs pages All data points collected during the audit  
  Glossary Definitiions of common building science terms  
Report elements for each recommendation      
  Homeowner notes What you want to say to the homeowner  
  Contractor notes What you want to say to the contractor  
  Why it matters Helpful educational content  
  Photo sets Crop, add caption and automatically sync with your Dropbox photos  
  Now vs. Goal Base and improved values for each recommendation  
  Customizable titles for all recommendations As of V4, you can now customize the title of all recommendations, including default generated ones.  
Adaptive interface optimized for      
  iPhone 4S and newer    
  Android Phones    
  Apple iPad    
  Android tablets    
  Laptops and desktops    
Supported web browsers      
  Google Chrome (recent version)    
  Mobile Safari (recent version)    
Supported operating systems      
  Mac OS X    


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