Modeling Solar PV in Snugg Pro

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Modeling Solar PV in Snugg Pro is a snap! You can now specify a solar PV system as part of an existing home or as a recommended improvement in Snugg Pro.

Just enter information about the system size (in kW), the slope of the array, the orientation, and the year the panels were manufactured (for de-rating purposes on existing systems). Snugg Pro will calculate the appropriate annual kWh production of the system as well as the amount of money the system saves or will save the homeowner.

For Home Performance contractors who don't yet offer solar PV, now is the time to add it to the mix. For Solar contractors who have thought about adding energy efficiency improvements to their offering, it's now easier than ever to calculate the savings from a PV system combined with those efficiency improvements. Even better, solar contractors can take advantage of the built in Home Energy Score that's part of Snugg Pro. The HES score now supports PV and you can show your prospective clients how much of an improvement in the Home Energy Score you'll get from the Solar PV addition as well as any efficiency improvements that you might offer. 

View our knowledge base article to learn about modeling PV in Snugg Pro here.

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About Adam Stenftenagel

Adam is our award winning building science expert. Incidentally, he's also the co-founder and CEO of Snugg Home. He knows the ins and outs of energy modeling and the efficiency industry.

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