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Snugg Pro lets you collaborate like never before. You can now chat and exchange files with your colleagues, and trade allies.

Watch this 1.5 minute screencast to see the activity feed in action:


You can use the activity feed to leave notes, chat with colleagues, store and share files like rebate applications, contracts, certificate of completions, HPXML files and more. The activity feed opens up a world of collaboration possibilities.

Uploading files

In addition to text chats, you and your trade allies can now upload most file types to the activity feed, this includes HPXML, PDFs, images, CSV, Excel sheets, etc…  The maximum file size for any one file is 10MB.

Tracking unread activity:

From the jobs list view, new activity is flagged for each job.

At a higher level, if a company has unread activity, you’ll see a number badge in the company dropdown menu of the jobs list screen. This badge indicates the number of jobs that have unread activity for that company.

If you’re getting too much information for a given company, you can easily select many (or all) jobs from the company’s jobs list and mark them as read.

See a screenshot overview below:

Activity feed on home energy auditing software



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About Benjamin Mailian

Ben is the designer on the team and a co-founder of Snugg Home. He likes a little coding with his design. Ben is always thinking about how to improve Snugg Pro and other apps that support our goals for energy efficiency and renewables.

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