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Home energy audit software for energy efficiency programs.

Whether you’re a big utility, a government initiative, or a small non-profit, Snugg Pro software delivers superior results for your residential and low-income energy efficiency program.

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NYSERDA Home Performance with Energy Star Home Upgrade California energy efficiency program Xcel energy DSM program APS Home Performance with Energy Star program  Greater Cincinatti Energy Alliance Residential energy efficiency program ReEnergize Pittsburgh LEAP energy efficiency program Salt River Project energy efficiency program Efficiency Main home performance program

Produce accurate & actionable audit results.

Snugg Pro is an auditing and sales tool for home performance professionals and demand-side management programs.
It runs in your web browser so you can use it on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

home energy auditing with and without utility bill

Capture detailed or simplified utility bill data to provide customized feedback to participants

Make recommendations for energy efficiency products and services, with cost and savings estimates based on the industry’s best modeling practices.

Snugg Pro’s accuracy has been verified by stringent third party tests prior to our entry into the NYSERDA and Home Upgrade California programs.

Snugg Pro supports the following standards:

  • BPI-2100
  • BPI-2200
  • ANSI/BPI-2400-S-2012
  • Home Energy Score (DOE)
  • BPI-2101
  • Green Button Partner
  • HPXML 2.1

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You can also email us or call (720) 663-7836 to discuss your program needs.

Leverage the audit report to build consumer awareness for your program.

Download a sample report optimized for DSM and energy efficiency programs

Make the most of every audit report with features like:

  • Co-branded reports with your program logo
  • Program-specific rebate information
  • Clear, contextual loan offers
  • Professional consistency across all audit reports

Snugg Pro reports are beautiful, compelling and highly customizable. Our powerful reporting features help contractors save time on every audit.

What trade allies are saying about the report:
We’ve cut our modeling time down almost in half, and the report that is generated is more personal, and higher quality than the our old reports. I have had contractors tell me that the new report has helped them sell more jobs, because it is easier to understand, and not as much ‘noise’ on the report.
- Scott Golden, Data Supervisor, The Energuy.

Promote your program offerings effectively.

Financing Products

Define program-wide financing calculators, then let your contractors present calculated financing information in their audit reports.

Rebates & Incentives

Manage a custom rebates page in the homeowner report to educate homeowners about your program.

Maintain your program info seamlessly.

Invariably, there will be times when your rebate information needs changing, or your loan products need updating. With Snugg Pro, this information can be easily updated in a single place. Your partner contractors will always be presenting the latest available information to participants.

You can also email us or call (720) 663-7836 to discuss your program needs.

Give your contractors the tools to succeed.

Keeping your trade allies happy and productive is essential to any program’s success.

By offering Snugg Pro, you’ll help your partner contractors:

  • Collaborate better in a multi-user environment,
  • Shorten their auditing and reporting time,
  • Display standardized information in their reports,
  • Promote your program,
  • Export audit and retrofit data in HPXML format,
  • Access fantastic support using live chat direclty inside the app.

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Get real-time QA access to all your jobs.

Instant access for program staff

With Snugg Pro, program admins can access all program jobs in real time. All your jobs are in one place and easily searchable.

quality assurance for DSM and energy efficiency programs

Seamless experience for contractors

Once an audit is identified as a program job by a contractor, you automatically get access to it in Snugg Pro. The data is always in sync so you can see each home’s progress live as it evolves.

You can also email us or call (720) 663-7836 to discuss your program needs.

Train your program staff and contractors for free.

Nobody likes new software thrown at them. We can help you devise an optimal deployment strategy for your program. Snugg Pro comes with complientary live webinars to help your program contractors and special onboarding webinars for program staff.

Our comprehensive training resources will ensure you look good in front of your colleagues and trade allies.

Ask us about premium in-person training services for your program.

Get enterprise grade security out of the box.


Snugg Pro forces banking-grade encryption for every user session to effectively prevent Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks. Nobody can snoop in from the outside when contractors or admins are viewing or entering audit data.

Snugg Pro is hosted in the cloud using SOC 3-compliant Amazon Web Services. Our infrastructure is protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. Snugg Pro’s privacy and information security framework meets NIST-800 requirements – a set of security policies, procedures and guidelines designed by the Department of Commerce for United States federal government computers.

Our DNS provider uses CloudFlare's vDNS product, which is an enterprise-grade hosted DDoS-defense system specifically for DNS traffic. Our cloud infrastructure also implements a best-in-class line of defense against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.


Snugg Pro's data centers are built for high-availability and include:

  • Restricted physical access to servers
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Backup generators
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Climate control
  • Fault-tolerant design

Play nice with everyone.

Stay out of system politics and platform lock-ins.
Snugg Pro runs in a web browser on PCs, smart phones & tablets, and it generates HPXML. Anyone can get behind that.

Snugg Pro residential energy audting software on a laptop Snugg Pro residential energy audting software on an iPhone Snugg Pro residential energy audting software on an iPad

OS Compatibility:
iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Browser Compatibility:
Mobile Safari, Google Chrome

HPXML Output
Snugg Pro generates Home Performance XML (HPXML), the industry standard file format for home performance data. In fact, we helped define the HPXML standard. HPXML is well documented so you can easily build an integration with your preferred CRM or program management portal. Here are examples of programs who already utilize Snugg Pro-generated HPXML: NYSERDA, Home Upgrade, California, Arizona Public Services (APS), Salt River Project (SRP). Snugg Pro is also an EnergySavvy Optix partner.

Right-sized pricing for all programs.

Snugg Pro works on a pay-per job model which makes it easy to understand and budget. It doesn’t matter how many partner contractors you have or how many will join later on.
You can specify who should be billed for the jobs: your program or your trade allies.
There are no renewal fees, no setup fees, and free unlimited users.

You can also email us or call (720) 663-7836 to discuss your program needs.