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The goal

The goal of this pilot program is to bundle home efficiency upgrades, solar pv, and electric cars in a cost effective and affordable package for the homeowner. In return, you will become energy independent and the City of Boulder drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


For this current pilot project, you must either live or work within the city limits of Boulder.

How it works

To start the process, we will need to gather information from you about your home, size of household, energy use, driving habits, and potential solar use. This will include an in-home visit by our team.

After this information is reviewed by our team, and If you decide to proceed, we help you arrange for an energy audit, a solar bid, appointments to look at electric vehicles, and provide you with bundled financing options.

The cost

There is no cost to you to join and participate in the pilot program, and you are under no obligation to finish the pilot. We only ask that you fill out our survey at the end of the process regardless if the program was a fit for you. If you proceed with the steps, the only cost to you would be the home energy audit, which is usually around $200.


All of the information from the utility bills, home energy assessment, solar bids, cost for an electric car are entered into our analytics tool, which then gives us an idea if the package is workable for you. The results are usually amazing, but you decide if you want to proceed to the financing options. No obligations!


The pilot program is geared towards City of Boulder’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases. Snugg Home won a grant from the Boulder Energy Challenge to run this pilot program for them. We are very committed to help them reach their goals.

If you're looking for Snugg's presentation at Switch ~4 on the concept, go here: Snugg Home at Switch~ 4: Bundling Electric Cars, Solar PV, and Energy Efficiency.


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