Snugg Pro is a cloud-based PC, tablet and smart-phone sales tool for home performance contractors and energy auditors.

Snugg Home, LLC is the company behind Snugg Pro.  Founded in 2010, Snugg Home is based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

We build software around humans. We’re passionate about helping people work better using our Snugg apps. At Snugg, we believe in getting out in the field and learning first hand about the needs and challenges of our customers.


The Journey

Our Origins

Snugg's founders started out helping a strategic partner to make its energy analysis software easier to use for energy auditors.

Somewhere along the way, we asked ourselves: Why not make it easier for anyone to get into the energy efficiency space? And Snugg Home was born. We set out on the gargantuan task of normalizing the entire home energy upgrade process with a focus on great user experience.
In the process, we gained a lot of field experience delivering end-to-end solutions for large scale energy efficiency programs. But we didn’t have the focus that could allow us to have a meaningful impact. The problem was too broad and the industry too fragmented...

On The Road

In 2011, we toured the North East amidst Hurricane Irene. We drove far and wide to meet contractors and auditors who participated in the programs powered by our software. Some were mom and pop shops that delivered soup to nuts solutions. Others specialized in home assessments, and yet others were large operations focusing on a specific type of home improvement.
With every new contractor we visited during that trip, we grew increasingly convinced that contractors and auditors held the key to the entire industry.

The Epiphany

We realized that if we could support contractors in their assessment and sales process, there was a huge opportunity to increase the number of energy upgrades performed in the country. We saw these human-scale enterprises on a perpetual path of business optimization, and were inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit.
Upon our return to Boulder, we made the decision to move away from end-to-end large scale solution to focus almost solely on contractors and auditors. We went on field visits with countless contractors, we attended their conferences, interviewed them, beta tested with them, and most importantly, we listened to them. We lived and breathed the trade.
But we didn’t stop there. We sat down with numerous homeowners to identify and minimize the friction often found in the sales process.

The Result

From the trenches of America’s residential energy efficiency industry, we brought to you... Snugg Pro.  Our software is the fruit of extensive field tests with thousands of home assessments performed by over hundreds of contracting companies across 40 US states. And we’re constantly making it better with weekly updates.


Meet the team

Adam Stenftenagel – Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

BA Oberlin College, RESNET Certified HERS Rater, LEED Accredited Professional

Adam is the energy specialist of the company and brings a deep understanding of building science, energy modeling, and the energy auditing profession to Snugg Home. He spends a significant amount of time in product development and customer support, ensuring that the needs of contractors are met by the software. He also manages the day to day operations of the company and handles investor relations.

Adam has a background in television and interactive media and marketing, and excels in energy modeling and building science. He was a founding board member of the Boulder Green Building Guild and participated in numerous committees of the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office sponsored Residential Retrofit Working Group. As a specialist in residential energy modeling software and techniques, he joined Andy Bardwell in 2007 to help develop the OptiMiser Energy Analysis tool. Adam’s other company, Sustainably Built, performs home energy audits and energy modeling for new and existing homes. Additionally, Adam excels in cost-benefit analysis and building science techniques for the purpose of constructing cash flow positive and affordable Net-Zero Energy homes.

Of special note, Adam has provided extensive consulting services for:

  • The award winning net-zero energy 250 unit development Geos Neighborhood, in Arvada, Colorado
  • Red-Oak park, an 80 unit near-zero energy affordable housing development in Boulder, Colorado
  • Paisano Community, a 64 unit net-zero energy affordable senior housing community in El Paso Texas. Sustainably Built was a member of the design team that won a national design competition for implementation of the project.

Jeff Friesen – Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Jeff leads software development, working closely with both our internal team and our top-notch independent contractors. Using modern web technologies such as React, Redux, Node.js, he’s curating a solid stack for amazing products with less money and less time to market than could have been considered even a few of years ago.

Jeff focused his early career on solving energy problems, starting with 6 years in fusion research and low-temperature physics.  Unsure if unlimited energy sources would actually play out for the better, he moved on to become a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) developing global warming software models. He earned his Masters in physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder at the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA).

Jeff moved into more direct public engagement as producer of a nationally syndicated radio show, Alternative Radio, that explored critical social and environment issues. He later became a producer for Free Speech TV (FSTV), a nationally syndicated television station.

As an experiential educator and outdoor guide with years of teaching experience, Jeff understands that significant, real change takes time. It requires an engaged experience rarely found in most education approaches.

Jeff has created a highly successful track record leading internet marketing efforts. Over a period of 5 years, Jeff applied his experience in education and technology to the travel industry, non-profits, e-commerce and previously unknown niche markets. His specialty was an iterative approach to conversion optimization.

Jeff strongly believes that Snugg Home is the opportunity of a lifetime to initiate meaningful environmental and social change.

Benjamin Mailian – Co-Founder / Chief Design Officer

Design entrepereneur, UX practitioner & project manager with 12 years of experience in web development.  

Ben brings deep digital design knowledge and is in charge of user experience, interaction design, usablility.  Ben's unique combination of design and coding abilities allow him to collaborate more closely with engineers.

Before co-founding Snugg Home, he led the development of worldwide e-commerce activities for a fine food company. He has worked on web projects for clients in the US, France, India and Thailand, learning to bridge the gap between work cultures in the IT sector. 

Formerly head of the Technology Department at Mahatma Gandhi International School, his reponsibilities included curriculum development for Information and Communications Technology within an experiential multi-disciplinary framework (including social web media, web development, graphic design and film making). MGIS is an early adopter of emerging technologies. Under Benjamin’s Tenure, the school’s students won the national web design championships. The school’s technology work has been featured in festivals and/or purchased for professional use. MGIS enjoys the reputation of being one of the most technologically innovative school in the country.

Sandy Michaels

Sandy Michaels - Marketing & Quality Assurance

As an independent marketing consultant and Realtor, Sandy has been with the Snugg team since inception, and has recently joined the team full time. Sandy supports Snugg with marketing, social networking, industry research, software quality assurance and product vision.

She brings years of real estate experience to Snugg and has a deep understanding of the complex housing market, homeowner needs, and is passionate about bringing energy efficiency into the home buying process. In addition, previous years in the banking industry gives her insight into the financing side of energy efficiency hurdles.

As a marketing consultant, Sandy has developed and marketed small business websites for 16 years, including her own top rated real estate sites, which provides additional depth to the Snugg team. Always multi-tasking, she has developed software technical manuals, published a few non-fiction books, and has continued studies in consumer behavior. Earning her degree in Business Administration years ago has been the backbone for many exciting adventures.

Tim GriesserTim Griesser - Full Stack Software Engineer

Tim is experienced in several programming and database languages; with a focus on both server and client side JavaScript. He is a frequent open source contributor, and works as one of the team members for Documentcloud's popular Backbone.js library. He adds unique perspective from working on the most popular MV* JavaScript library, used in production by companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500's. He is also working on several new open source libraries, which will be used internally in Snugg Home's new software products.

Previously, Tim has consulted for companies of various sizes looking to build JavaScript applications across multiple devices - and brings experience developing and deploying stable, production grade applications. He has experience in lean and agile methodologies, and prefers discovering ways to change the problem to over-engineering a solution.

Tim enjoys working the most with startups, as the impact of an individual's work is immediately visible.  As a graduate of Wake Forest University, Tim also serves as a member of the school's advisory council for the Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship program, frequently advising students who are looking to start and develop ventures, specifically ones related to technology and software development.

Tim recognizes that Snugg Home is solving a real problem and pain point for so many, and is excited to be able to build products that will make the process of home energy improvement enjoyable and beneficial for contractors and homeowners.