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The best tool for the home performance job.

Save time. Produce accurate results. Deliver beautiful reports everytime.

Cloud-based PC, tablet and smart phone sales tool for residential contractors and energy auditors

Snugg Pro is a cloud-based PC, tablet and smart-phone sales tool for home performance contractors and energy auditors.

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Now you can work seamlessly across all your devices.

Your jobs are always in sync and Snugg Pro’s user interface adapts intelligently so the entire app feels native on smart phones, tablets & PCs.

Big screens can be great for:
Template creations, lenghty report writing.

You could use your smart phone for:
home visits, rapid data capture and on-the-go management.

Tablets are effective for:
Customer presentations, clipboard replacements, job management.

Real time syncing lets you collaborate better in the field and at the office.

Snugg Pro keeps your jobs in sync so you can work on projects in real time with colleagues and sub-contractors.

Discover new ways to work together: Now a sales person sitting with the homeowners could start their work a job as a technician is walking through the house. Or for instance, an admin back at the office could enter utility bills while an auditor simultaneously collects a home’s characteristics.

Accurate energy modeling engine to deliver comprehensive and accurate results

Snugg Pro generates HPXML and is compliant with BPI standards. The energy model is built upon weather-normalized utility data for highly accurate results. Snugg Pro’s accuracy has been verified in third-party calibrated and uncalibrated tests. It’s approved for use by government and utility efficiency programs across the US.

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Manage your jobs more effectively.

Create personal, beautiful and actionable reports.

Snugg Pro automates time-consuming tasks like formatting photos and layout so you can focus on the content.

Some homeowners are technical, others are not. Some are earth-conscious, others budget-minded, and many are comfort seekers. Snugg Pro lets you create audit reports that are as unique as the people your serve.

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Report features you will love:

  • Create templates for you & your company
  • Turn any page on or off
  • Show or hide elements based on end user
  • Capture and display homeowner concerns
  • Present multiple financing options
  • Access photos locally or from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Take photos with your mobile device’s camera
  • Edit text directly on the report
  • Publish BPI health and safety test results
  • Output complete job specs
  • Show program rebates and incentives*
  • Screen, print and PDF optimized format.
What pros like you are saying about the report:
"That's one of the best reports I've ever seen. Nice work."
Eric Van Orden, Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Business Coalition

Get your team up to speed in no time and enjoy fantastic ongoing support.

Great training resources for you and your team.

Live webinars

Request a free live webinar for you and your team. The webinar lets you explore Snugg Pro in a structured manner.

Other resources to get you started

We compiled a helpful tutorial to get started. You’ll also have access to a recorded training webinar.

Timely and helpful support

Get instant help with live chat.

You can access live chat from every screen of our app. While chatting, support can look at jobs with you in real time and even steer you through the app.

Find answers yourself

We built an extensive searchable knowledge base packed with troubleshooting articles, tips and best practices.

“I love the live chat feature, there have been many instances that I have had a question while inputting my data and [support] responds instantly to the live chat feature and she is always polite, helpful and knowledgeable.” - Daniel Brunet, Populus, LLC

Program administrators:
Get results for your energy reduction program

Easily export job data

Snugg Pro generates validated HPXML and CSV files making it easy to aggregate data. We integrate seamlessly with software like Energy Savvy’s Optix.

Get real-time reporting

Gain access to complimentary and premium real-time reporting tools for your program.

Co-brand the audit report

As a program, you can co-brand audit reports, and help define program info pages in the audit report.

Create program financing products

Build custom financing products that can be used by auditors and added to the audit report.

Our team has a proven track record and 4 years of experience working with DSM and other energy reduction programs across the US. Snugg Pro is now approved for use in California and in a NYSERDA pilot. Snugg Pro is in use in these fine programs:

Flexible pricing lets you pay per job. No renewal fees. No setup fees. Unlimited users.

Snugg Pro speeds up my workflow […] I really believe in the platform and it's value to my business. Customers love the reports, and I love the ease of use.

Cameron Millard
Cloud City Conservation Center

When you sign up, you’ll get two complimentary sample jobs so you can explore and learn Snugg Pro for free.

Pricing starts at $30 per job and decreases based on volume and program.

With every plan, you get unlimited phone, email and live chat support.

Explore the hidden costs of not using Snugg Pro

Pros like you who switch to Snugg Pro report typical savings of 1 to 2 hours per job.

Calculate the hidden cost of other software

Each month, you could save:

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  • staff hours

Each year, you could save:

  • 0 ×
  • staff hours
Based on a survey of Snugg Pro 3.0 users.

What will you do with all the time and money?

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