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Save time & convert more audits into upgrades.

Snugg Pro is a cloud-based laptop and tablet sales tool for residential contractors and energy auditors.

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Why you'll love the report

Address homeowners concerns directly

Include or exclude any page from the report

Override calculated costs and savings

Add custom (IR) photos and captions

Show or hide specific report elements based on your audience

Replace default text with your own

Publish BPI health and safety test results

What pros like you are saying

"That's one of the best reports I've ever seen. Nice work."
- Eric Van Orden, Executive Director | Energy Efficiency Business Coalition


Blaze through your next home visit

1 Create your Job

Create a new job

2 Capture & Calculate

Capture the home information on a single screen

3Choose & customize upgrade suggestions

Accept and decline recommendations

4Create an irresistible report in minutes

Edit your report on the fly

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Yep, you read right: you can sign up and start evaluating Snugg Pro immediately. Your account comes with two free sandbox jobs to help you explore the software. You'll only need to enter a credit card if you decide to create a real job.

Pricing is just $30 per job.

This lets you model any one home as many times as necessary.  So if you find you need to rework your calculation for a particular home, you will not be charged twice.   Contact us if you perform more than 20 jobs per month.

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Tech Specs

Leave the IT to us

Your data is stored securely in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.  This means you don't have to worry about losing your customers' information when you drop your tablet during a site visit, or accidentally spill coffee on your laptop.  The app shows you when each input field is saved by turning the field border green.  It will also alert you when you loose internet connection.

Snugg Pro is hosted on our servers so it’s always up-to-date with the latest features.


System requirements

Internet: Snugg Pro requires an internet connection to function.

Computers: Snugg Pro is compatible with operating systems that can run the Google Chrome browser.  This includes Windows XP thru Windows 8, Mac OS X, and popular flavors of Linux.

Tablets: Snugg Pro is compatible with tablets that can run Mobile Safari or Google Chrome, this covers most (if not all) iPads, Windows and Android tablets.

If you don't have Google Chrome, you can download it here for free.

Attend a live or recorded webinar.

Use Snugg Pro for your program.

Track program performance in real time

Determine best measures to build a program around them.

Learn who to market to and how to do it.

Snugg Pro is HPXML compliant and integrates seamlessly with Energy Savvy’s Optix.


These programs trust Snugg Pro to deliver superior results:

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